Frequently Asked Questions

【Rental Dresses/Tuxedoes】

◆How many different types of dresses are available? What sizes are available?

There are about 10-15 dresses available in each size (from Japanese Sizes 5-15). [You may search online for an "International Size Chart".] *Please be advised that size/type availability may vary by area and/or season.

◆What items should I bring with me?

For the Groom: Socks to match the Tuxedo color (Black or White), Underwear, Undershirt. For the Bride: Stockings, Underwear (preferably a strapless/convertible bra). It gets hot at the beach, so we recommend bringing a handkerchief or tissues.

◆Am I able to visit the nearest Watabe location and ask about/see the actual dresses and tuxedoes?

When you reserve a Plan that includes the option "Dress/Tuxedo Fitting Available in Japan", you may arrange for a fitting at the nearest Watabe Wedding Japan location. For a list of locations where fitting is available, please refer to this Shop List.

* To schedule a fitting at a Watabe Wedding Japan location, please use this Fitting Reservation Form.
* For any inquiries about our products, you may use the Contact Us Form on our website.
* We do not offer Delivery Service of garments for fittings.

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【Photo Options】

◆Am I able to specify the Photo Shoot Location?

All Photo Shoot Locations will be chosen at the discretion of Watabe.
* Depending on the area, there may be an Additional Photo Shoot Option. (Please choose from the predesignated selection.) Please refer to our website.

◆Is it possible to receive the Photo Data sooner?

The delivery date varies by product type/location. For further information, please confirm the delivery date in the Product Details or the Precautionary Statement.

◆When will I receive the photos/photo data?

The delivery date varies by product type/location, but the photo data/album is usually delivered approximately 30-40 days after your photo shoot date.
* Delivery will be made to your designated Japan address.

◆Am I able to take photos with my child(ren)?

Yes, however our Company Policy does not allow children 6 years and under to be accompanied alone. Another adult attendant (other than the Bride or Groom) is required.
Our staff is unable to look after children, even if they are 7 years or older.
If a Babysitting Service is required, you must make your own reservations.
* For Hawaii, Guam, and Okinawa, we offer a Babysitting Service as an optional item. For details, please use the Contact Us Form to inquire at your local salon branch.

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◆How do I make my reservations?

①First, create a new account.

* If this is your first time logging in, please create an account.
When you have created an account, a confirmation email from "" will be sent to the registered email address,
and you will be required to activate your account through the URL Link in that email.
You will be required to enter your Name and Password. Your Password requires a combination of symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers.
You may browse the website without creating an account.

②Select the desired location, and view the different plans available.
③When you have selected a plan, select the Desired Event Date from the Drop-Down Calendar near the upper left-hand corner of the page, then confirm the date and time available.
④Select the desired date and time. ○:Available △:By Request ×:Unavailable
⑤If the selected date and time is available, you will be able to Add it to the Shopping Cart, and proceed to the payment process.
⑥You may check the contents of the Shopping Cart by clicking on the "Cart" button at the top of the page. Select the plan/products that you want to purchase by adding a Check in the "Check Box".
⑦After selecting your purchases, click on the "Check Out" button, then enter the required information.
⑧When all the information has been entered, click on the "Next" button, and complete the payment and order process.
⑨You may confirm your order by clicking on the "My Wedding" button at the top of the page. In the "My Wedding" Page, you will be able to see your purchase history, modify your order, enter any further information required, and confirm the schedule leading up to your event date.
* For further details regarding the Ordering Process, please read the "For First Time Users" section by clicking on the "Help" Button at the top of the page.

◆How do I know if my Reservation was received?

You will receive an Order Confirmation email to the registered email address. You can also confirm your order/order history in the "My Wedding" page. Please Log-In to your account using the "Login/Register" button at the top of the Home Page of

◆How can I check if I created a duplicate order?

You can confirm your order history in the "My Wedding" page. If you have created a duplicated order, click on the "Cancel" link for the items that you do not want.
* Please be advised that a Cancellation Charge may apply depending on the time range calculated from the reservation date.

◆I have chosen a Date/Time that was listed as "By Request", but I have not received notice if it is available. When will I be notified if my reservation was accepted ?

We will notify you of any updates as it progresses. We appreciate your patience in the matter.
You can also check your order history in the "My Wedding" page. Please check this page for any new updates.
If you have not been notified, or your "My Wedding" page has not been updated yet, please contact us using the Contact Us Form.

◆I have not received my Confirmation Email.

There can be two possible issues:

-You are unable to receive emails from WATABE.COM
Please modify your email settings to accept emails from "".
Also, it is possible that it was filtered as "spam". Please check your Junk/Spam Folder or your Trash Folder.

-The email address you entered when you created your account was incorrect.
When creating your account, there may have been an error in your email address. If you do not receive a Confirmation Email after ten minutes of registering, and it is not in your Junk or Trash Folder, please create your account again. Please be aware that you do not enter any unnecessary symbols or spaces.
If you would like to change your email address, log-in to your account by clicking on the "Login/Register" button at the top of the page, then click on it again to select "Account Settings". In the "Change Your Account Settings" page, click on the "Edit" button to change the appropriate information. For security purposes, we will send information only to the registered email address.

◆How can I modify my order?

In order to modify the reservations that you have already made, you must cancel the original reservation first, then make a new reservation.
* Please be advised that a Cancellation Charge may apply depending on the time range calculated from the reservation date.

◆How do I add my hotel and/or flight information?

To enter or modify your hotel and/or flight information, log-in to your account and click on the "My Wedding" button at the top of the page. Click on the "Edit" button at the button of the page, and enter the appropriate information. Click on "Save" when you are done.

◆How do I receive the final Confirmation Letter?

When your reservation is completed, you can view the confirmation letter on the "My Wedding" page, by clicking on the "Confirmation Letter" button on the upper right-hand corner of the page.
The Confirmation Letter will contain your order, the event schedule, and precautionary statements. Please read through it carefully, and bring a printed copy with you.

◆I am unable to print out the Confirmation Letter. Can I still present it on-screen (digitally)?

The final Confirmation Letter is used to verify your reservation, therefore you may bring a printed or digital copy (viewable from your smartphone or tablet).

◆I am unable to view my Confirmation Letter.

You may experience some temporary technical issues when the system is undergoing updates or maintenance. You may try to review it by going to the "My Wedding" page and clicking on the "Confirmation Letter" button again.
If you are still having problems viewing your Confirmation Letter, please contact us with the following information using the Contact Us Form:
* The date and time of the error, where (at which point) did the error occur, what type of error message was displayed (and any other details of the error), the type of Operating System you are using (i.e. Windows XP, Mac OS-X), the type of browser and version you are using (i.e. Internet Explorer 6.0)

◆How will I be notified about the briefing schedule (after I arrive) at the destination?

When your reservation (including all of your flight and hotel information) is completed, the briefing schedule and all other necessary information will be updated on the "My Wedding" page.
Please be advised that responses may be delayed, when the local salon branch is closed (due to weekends, holidays, etc.). Please make sure all necessary information is completed before your departure date.

◆What will the schedule be like when I arrive (at the destination)?

Please check your briefing/event schedule by clicking on the "Confirmation Letter" button at the upper right-hand corner of the "My Wedding" page.
Once you have entered all the necessary information (i.e. flight and hotel information), your schedule after arrival will be created.

Your schedule will be arranged as the following:
After your arrival, there will be a briefing at the local salon branch, to review your order and the event schedule.
--> On the event day, we will conduct your fitting and beauty services (hair and make-up), at either the hotel, or the local salon branch
--> Photo Shoot at the designated area
--> Return to the hotel or the local salon branch to change
--> You're Done!

◆How can I contact the local salon branch?

The contact information for the local salon branch will be listed on the Confirmation Letter. After your arrival, if you have any inquiries about your order, please contact the local salon branch directly.

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◆What type of payments are accepted?

We are only accepting credit card payments through the website.

◆What credit card types are accepted?

We accept most credit card types that are used internationally. Please see our "For First Time Users" page, under the Help section, for acceptable credit card types.

◆When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged when you complete the payment process on the website. Please be aware that this may be different from the day you created the reservation or the date of the event.
Please check your credit card statement, or with the credit card company to determine when the charge will occur.

◆My reservation was unavailable/declined, but what happens to the credit card charge?

If your reservation was unavailable/declined, you will not incur any charges on your credit card.

◆I cannot complete my reservation, because there is an error with my credit card.

When entering your credit card information, please double-check for:

・The numbers of your credit card (correct digits, correct number of digits)
・The expiration date numbers (correct digits, the Month and Year are not reversed)
・The numbers of the security code

Also, check with your credit card company regarding your credit limit, or any security "holds" they may have placed.

◆Is my credit card information secure?

The protection of your information is extremely important at WATABE.COM. Therefore to create a safe yet accessible shopping experience, your personal information will be handled securely in accordance to our Privacy Policy.

◆Can I change my credit card information?

Once you have completed the payment for your reservation, you cannot change your credit card information. In the event that you would like to use a different credit card after you have already completed a payment, you must Cancel the first reservation, then create a new order and complete the payment with the other credit card.
However, in the event of a cancellation, please be aware of our Cancellation Policy (under our Help Section).

◆Is it possible to split the payment with multiple credit cards?

Please complete the payment for each reservation using one credit card only.

◆Is it possible to complete payment at the local salon branch (after arrival)?

If purchases are made through the website, then the payment must also be made through the website.
If you decide to purchase additional items at the local salon branch, payments can be made by credit card or the local currency.
The accepted credit card types vary with each location. Please contact the local salon branch for further details.

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◆How do I cancel my reservation/items?

In the "My Wedding" page, you can view your order history, and click on the "Cancel" link for the appropriate item.
Please be advised that a Cancellation Charge may apply depending on the time range calculated from the reservation date. For more information about cancellations, please view our Cancel Policy.

Depending on your Credit Card Company's Policy, an immediate refund may not be available if it has been 60 days or more since your order date. If this should occur, please contact the local branch office that the order was placed at, for your refund.

◆How will I get refunded for the cancelled items?

Depending on the closing date of your credit card statement period, please be aware that you may not receive your refund until the following statement period or later. Please confirm with your credit card company about the processing time for refunds.
* Please be advised that any Cancellation Charge or Processing Fee will be deducted from your total refund.

◆Is it possible to cancel an item at the local salon branch (after arrival)?

For cancellations or modifications to your order, please contact the local salon branch directly.
The contact information for the local salon branch will be listed on the Confirmation Letter.

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What Browser type/version is recommended?

To view and utilize our website in its optimal condition, we recommend the following browsers:
In addition, please have JavaScript and Cookies enabled.

IE 9 or later
FireFox - Latest Version
Chrome - Latest Version

Safari - Latest Version
FireFox - Latest Version
Chrome - Latest Version

◆How do I contact WATABE.COM?

You can use the Contact Us Form from the Help Section at the top of the page, or the link at the bottom at the page.
For technical issues or inquiries about the website, please contact our Japan department:

Watabe Wedding Corporation Attn: WATABE.COM Rep
TEL: 0120-41-2141

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